Software Engineering Manager

Software Engineering Manager
Team Size:
Nodejs, React, Angularjs, Mongodb, GraphQL, Shopify, Machine Learning, Algolia(AI search)
Backend for frontend, Image recognition
  • Graph Structure Implementation:Transformed the flat category structure into a complex graph structure using design patterns like Model Tree Structures with Parent References, Child References, and an Array of Ancestors.
  • AI-Powered Search:Upgraded the search system from Shopify’s default to an AI-enhanced search using Algolia, significantly improving search performance.
  • Image Processing: Created an image labeling system using color quantization for metadata extraction, supporting machine learning algorithms to link products and images.
  • Innovation and Productivity:Worked with different categories to optimize their workflows, fostering innovation through the adoption of the 80/20 rule to encourage engineers to focus on product-oriented and creative tasks.
  • Team Growth and Development: Directed the significant expansion of the engineering team, focusing on effective onboarding and continuous training as the team scaled up.
  • Innovation and Productivity: Adopted Google’s 80/20 rule, encouraging engineers to dedicate time to innovative, product-focused tasks.
  • Team Expansion: Oversaw the growth of the engineering team, achieving a more than 250% increase in size.
David Tarbay
Head of Product

Dimitar worked on our flagship project (ecommerce product categorization system) and managed to deliver high quality solutions for complex tasks, including color quantization, multilevel (tree structure) product categorization system, and catalog indexing for search engines, from research to planning and implementation. He is a fast learner and always eager to enrich his and his team knowledge with best practices and new tools.

Shlomi Cohen
Product Manager

I worked with similar in the same team, it was a pleasure working with him. Dimitar brings lots of experience and a wide range of dev knowledge, he has the ability to see the wide picture while paying attention to the small details.