Software Architect

Software Architect
Team Size:
React, Go, Google Cloud, Docker, Safari Push notifications
  • Front-end Refactoring:Led the transformation of a legacy React application, addressing outdated dependencies and complex code structures to improve maintainability and user experience across mobile devices.
  • Google Cloud Infrastructure: Implemented strategic optimizations within Google Cloud services, rectifying previous misconfigurations and enhancing security with AI-driven firewall solutions.
  • Stakeholder Alignment: Engaged with diverse stakeholder groups to analyze operational needs, identify optimization opportunities, and deliver solutions that streamline workflows and support business objectives.
Alex Miller
CTO GetCraft

I very much enjoyed working with Dimitar over the course of about a year. He is a strong technical lead always pushing the envelope to do new things and `“`correct things`”`

1. Dimitar is well organized and always on top of ticket workflow, meeting notes, weekly summaries, etc - and makes a point that everything should have oversight for the team as well.

2. He won`“`t hesitate to bring up new technologies or do things `“`the right way`”` - from unit testing to site speed monitoring to code refactoring, he is always a proponent of these important engineering goals.

Fanny Yap
Product Manager GetCraft

Being a non-technical lead PM, there are a number of instances where I absolutely commend Dimitar taking the time in preparations visually and verbally to share his perspectives, recommendations and solutions, facilitating to helping me personally understand and navigate (tech) better, with a goal of improving the process between design and development. His positive agenda is to always continue to improve the performance and usability of our platform, with our users experience in mind. Where communication can certainly sometimes prove to be challenging over the initial teething period of us working with other coming from different countries, there has been good personal and professional rapport established over time, with a good number of laughs and in tow over the last few months of collaborations. Projects I have worked on with him being getting our new homepage up with the authentication and navigations, and recently our managed services feature for sales activations. No matter what the problem is, Dimitar always starts with the right question, ie. ‘Why?‘. Dimitar knowledge shares, keeping us updated on progress and adds diversity to the way solutions are discovered. I have appreciated the time we have worked together and sincerely thank Dimitar.

I Gusti Agung Gede Bayu Puspa Nugraha
Senior Software Engineer at GetCraft
With his experience, Mitco able to show awesome skill, knowledge and critical thinking during working with him. He could play solo and also collaboratively which making him easier to adapt various condition and challenge. He also loves to give some advice during discussion and in the same time open for any input which making us grow together as a team. Will all of this experience, I believe he would be a great asset to any company or team. Good luck Mitco!!!
Marsel Aipassa
Senior Software Developer

Mitco, is a unique name for us Indonesian to pronounce, yet his tech skill is extra ordinary. He is good a communicator and a knowledgeable person that I can always count on to look for more information, always available when in need. During my time working with him, he help me understand the current system architecture and also teach me about containers and container orchestration.

Ajeng Puspa
Senior Frontend Developer at Populix

Dimitar is an expert programmer & skilful executor. He always keeps up-to-date about the latest techniques in development & dedicated to providing quality work. His energy is unlimited and his enthusiasm motivates everyone on his team (including me!). I believe that he can meet any challenge & I believe everyone would be exceedingly pleased with his work.