Full Stack Engineer, Tech Lead

Full Stack Engineer, Tech Lead
Team Size:
Nodejs, GraphQL and Apollo Federation, Datadog and Winston, React, Nextjs, Vercel, Mongodb, kubernetes, docker, jest, cerbos, aws
Microservices, Clean Architecture, Onion architecture, Micro frontends
  • Backend Development: Led the communication interface between our application and SwissPort using Node.js, TypeScript, GraphQL, and MongoDB.
  • Front-end Support: Assisted in the development and maintenance of the front-end application utilizing GraphQL, React, Next.js, and Vercel.
  • System Design: Designed critical system components, ensuring a cohesive and efficient system architecture.
  • Mentorship: Provided guidance and support to junior developers, fostering their growth and ensuring quality code practices.
  • Automation Collaboration:Collaborated with the automation team to streamline and enhance testing and deployment processes.