Blockchain Architect

Blockchain / Senior Architect
Team Size:
HyperLedger Besu, Etherium, etherjs, web3js, Typescript, Nestjs, Jest, Nodejs
Microservices, Private Blockchain, IoT, NFT / Energy ERC-721 tokens, Upgradable smart contracts
  • Stakeholder Collaboration:Engaged with stakeholders to gather and discuss business requirements, crafting a decentralized blockchain solution for Siemens Energy.
  • Business Requirements Analysis:Led the extraction and discussion of business requirements to design a blockchain solution for hydrogen and carbon tracking.
  • Event-Driven Blockchain:Designed a system where real-life IoT-detected events mint NFTs or certificates, tailored to the hydrogen and carbon sector.
  • Test Framework Optimization:Addressed and resolved race conditions in Jest tests, optimizing the testing process.
  • Blockchain Integration:Focused on integrating and optimizing blockchain oracle solutions for accurate and trustworthy data inputs.